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Rob Smith

Today is full
of possibility.

Explore it
with Vemma.

Be A Part of Something Big! Supportive! Uplifting! Exciting! Groundbreaking! Healthy! Lucrative! Unique! Fun! Global! Empowering!

A remarkable success story spanning 50+ countries


Vemma CEO B.K. Boreyko lost his parents to the top two killers in America – cancer and heart disease. His goal with Vemma, launched in 2006, was to turn pain into passion, and passion into an opportunity that would empower millions of people across the globe.


On the strength of the results achieved from Vemma’s clinically studied product line, and exploding numbers of people with a desire to share them with others, Vemma has quickly become one of the largest and fastest growing direct sales companies in the world!